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8051 Mini Kit

The 8051 Mini Kit is designed for limited budget beginners. It is simple but extendable, it includes development hardware with on-board interfaces and an in-system programmer which can be used for learning the technology. It supports STC51 Series, AT89S5x controller (8051 architecture) and ATmega8/Atmega32 (AVR architecture) through a simple converter board.

User Manual : 8051minikit.pdf
Sales Price : RM69.60


  • Default processor is AT89S52
  • Crystal : 11.0592MHz
  • Eight LEDs
  • One buzzer
  • Four standalone keys
  • Four Common Anode 7-Segment LED
  • One PL2303 USB to UART
  • One IR Recevier Port
  • One DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Port
  • LCD1602 character dot matrix LCD port
  • LCD12864 graphic color LCD port
  • ISP Port for download program

Note: The kit comes with a USBasp in-system programmer for AT89S51, AT89S52 & AVR. This programmer works with Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7/8 operating systems.

Sample Codes Provided
  • 1. LED driving
  • 2. Buzzer Test
  • 3. Four standalone key test
  • 4. 7-Segment LED display
  • 5. UART test
  • 6. Infrared Receiver Test
  • 7. DS18B20 Temperature Sensor test
  • 8. LCD1602 test
  • 9. LCD12864 test
Software Development Tools
Harware Development Tools
  • 1. USBasp in-system programmer for AT89S5x series & ATmel AVR
Kit Contents
Mini Board
Mini Board
Jumper Wires
Jumper Wires
USB Cable
USB Cable
USBasp AVR Programmer