MCU Development Boards
PIC16 Series Mini Kit

The PIC Mini Kit is designed for limited budget beginners. It is simple but extendable, it includes development hardware with on-board interfaces and an ICSP interface which can be used for learning the technology.

User Manual : picminikit.pdf
Sales Price : RM68.50


  • Default processor is PIC16F877A-I/P (included)
  • Crystal : 4MHz
  • Eight LEDs
  • Four standalone keys
  • One reset key
  • One UART with MAX232 circuit (TTL <-> RS232)
  • DS18B20 temperature sensor port
  • LCD1602 character dot matrix LCD port
  • LCD12864 graphic color LCD port
  • ICSP Port for download program/Emulator
  • USB Port for power source
Sample Codes Provided
  • 1. LED driving
  • 2. Four standalone key test
  • 3. DS18B20 test
  • 4. LCD1602 test
  • 5. LCD12864 test
  • 6. UART test
Software Development Tools
Harware Development Tools
  • 1. PIC K150 USB Pic Programmer
  • 2. PICKIT2 Emulator
  • 3. PICKIT3 Emulator
Kit Contents
Mini Board
Mini Board
USB Cable
USB Cable
Jumper Wires
Jumper Wires