3.5inch RPi LCD (B), 320×480, IPS

3.5inch RPi LCD (B), 320×480, IPS
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Product Overview

320×480, 3.5 inch Touch Screen IPS TFT LCD Designed for Raspberry Pi


LCD TypeIPS, high quality and perfect displaying from very wide viewing angle
LCD InterfaceSPI
Touch Screen TypeResistive
Touch Screen ControllerXPT2046
Resolution320*480 (Pixel)
Aspect Ratio8:5
Dimension85.06mm x 56.21mm


Pin: 1, 17Power positive (3.3V power input)
Pin: 2, 4Power positive (5V power input)
Pin: 3, 5, 7NC
Pin: 8, 10NC
Pin: 12, 13NC
Pin: 15, 16NC
Pin: 6, 9Ground
Pin: 14, 20Ground
Pin: 25Ground
Pin: 11TP_IRQ, Touch Panel interrupt, low level while the Touch Panel detects touching
Pin: 18LCD_RS, Instruction/Data Register selection
Pin: 19LCD_SI / TP_SI, SPI data input of LCD/Touch Panel
Pin: 21TP_SO, SPI data output of Touch Panel
Pin: 22RST, Reset
Pin: 23LCD_SCK / TP_SCK, SPI clock of LCD/Touch Panel
Pin: 24LCD_CS, LCD chip selection, low active
Pin: 26TP_CS, Touch Panel chip selection, low active


Package Content

1.3.5inch RPI LCD (B) x 1
2.Touch Pen x 1