LD-1501MG Digital Servo 17KG 180 Degree

LD-1501MG Digital Metal Servo 17KG 180 Degree
Sales Price : RM76.30

Why Digital Servo

- Higher resolution - less deadband, more accurate positioning
- Faster control response - increased acceleration
- Constant torque throughout the servo travel
- Increased holding power when stationary


Gear TypeMetal Gear
Stall Torque13kg/cm @6V; 15kg/cm @6.5V; 17kg/cm @7V
Operating VoltageDC 6V ~ 7.4V
UnLoad Current100mA
Operating Speed0.16s/60 degree (7.4V without load)
Operating Angle180°
Pulse Width Range500 ~ 2500µsec
Wires Length300mm

Pin Definitions

White WireSignal input
Red WireConnect to DC6V ~ 7.4V
Black WireConnect to ground

PWM Control: