FEETECH FS90R Micro 360 Degree Continuous Rotation Servo

FEETECH FS90R Micro 360 Degree Continuous Rotation Servo
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Product Overview

The FS90R is a micro-sized servo that has been built by FEETECH (formerly known as Fitec) specifically for continuous rotation. At 6 V, it has a maximum rotation speed of around 130 RPM (no-load) and can produce up to 21 oz-in (1.5 kg-cm) of torque. The servo can be controlled using a direct connection to a single microcontroller I/O line without any additional electronics, which makes it a great miniature actuator for beginner robotics projects; just throw on a pair of wheels and your robot is ready to roll!

The FS90R continuous rotation servo converts standard RC servo position pulses into continuous rotation speed. The default rest point is 1.5 ms, but this can be adjusted by using a small screwdriver to turn the middle-point adjustment potentiometer. Pulse widths above the rest point result in counterclockwise rotation, with speed increasing as the pulse width increases; pulse widths below the rest point result in clockwise rotation, with speed increasing as the pulse width decreases.

To control with an Arduino, we suggest connecting the orange control wire to pin 9 or 10 and using the Servo library included with the Arduino IDE. Position "90" (1.5ms pulse) is stop, "180" (2ms pulse) is full speed forward, "0" (1ms pulse) is full speed backwards. They may require some simple calibration, simply tell the servo to 'stop' and then gently adjust the potentiometer in the recessed hole with a small screwdriver until the servo stops moving.


Free-run current @6V120mA
Stall current @6V800mA
Speed @6V130rpm
Stall torque @6V1.5kgf-cm
Speed @4.8V100rpm
Stall torque @4.8V1.3kgf-cm
Dimension23.2 x 12.5 x 22mm approx.

Pin Definitions

Orange WireSignal input
Red WireConnect to DC4.8 ~ 6V
Brown WireConnect to ground


If you want to use this servo as an actuator for your miniature robot, you will need a wheel to go with it. Refer to 60×8 mm wheel specifically designed for use with this servo