Sound Impact Sensor

The Sound Impact Sensor detects sound from 3 meters away. It includes an onboard potentiometer for easy adjustment of the range of the detection for the sensor.

Sound Sensor Module
Schmatic : sch_sensor.pdf
LM393 Spec. : lm393-n.pdf
Sales Price : RM10.00


  • Detection range up to 3 meters away.
  • On-board potentiometer provides an adjustable range of detection
  • On-board power LED and sensor detection LED.
  • Single bit HIGH/LOW output

Pin Definition:

  • PIN#1 : AO - Analog output, real-time output voltage signal on the sensor's resistance.
  • PIN#2 : GND - Ground.
  • PIN#3 : VCC - Power input, DC +3.3V/5V.
  • PIN#4 : DO - Sensor detection output (Logic 'H'/'L'). The threshold adjustable via potentiometer.

Application Ideas:

  • Monitoring System
  • Noise Activated Alarm System