DHT11 Humidity & Temperature Sensor

DHT11 is a Temperature & Humidity Sensor features a temperature & humidity sensor complex with a calibrated digital signal output. By using the excluesive digital-signal-acquisition technique and temperature & humidity sensing technology, it ensures high reliability and excellent long-term stability.

This sensor includes a resistive-type humidity measurement component and an NTC temperature measurement component, and connects to a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller, offering excellent quality, fast response, anti-interference ability and cost-effectiveness.

DHT11 Module
Ref. Doc. : Tutorial
Sales Price : RM12.40


  • Operating voltage : +3 ~ +5.5V
  • Measurement for humidity : 20 ~ 90% RH ±5% RH
  • Measurement for temperature : 0 ~ 50°C ±2°C
  • Communication : Single-wire serial bus


Typical application: