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Sharp GP2Y1014AU0F Dust Sensor
  • Sharp GP2Y1014AU0F Dust Sensor

Sharp GP2Y1014AU0F Dust Sensor

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GP2Y1014AU0F is a PM (particulate matter) dust sensors. Designed for use in commercial air purifiers. Besides air purifiers, GP2Y1014AU0F can also be found in smart home applications such as room monitors and portable air quality monitors.

How do Sharp dust sensors work?

Sharp dust sensors operate on the principle of light scattering. A photo-detector and LED emitter oppose each other at an angle within the rectangular package of the sensor which has a dust through hole on either side. Air containing dust particles flows into the sensor chamber and causes the light from the LED emitter to be scattered towards the photo-detector. The more dust there is in the air within the sensor chamber, the greater the intensity of the scattered light. The dust sensor outputs a voltage value which varies according to the intensity of the scattered light which in turn corresponds to the level of dust in the air. The actual dust density (or dust or mass concentration) can then be calculated from the output voltage value using a linear relation.


  • Light emitting element: LED
  • Minimum detectable dust size: 0.5um
  • Dust desnisty sensing range: up to ~580 ug/m3
  • Sensing time: < 1sec
  • Sensing of PM2.5 and PM10 separately: No (measure total dust density only)
  • Output interface: Analog
  • Output under zero dust conditions: 0.1 to 1.1V
  • Sensitivity: 0.5 +- 0.075V per 100ug/m3 change
  • Accuracy: +-15%

Using GP2Y1014AU0F with Arduino

Using GP2Y1014AU0F with Arduino


1  Refer to Application Guide

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Packing list:

1  GP2Y1014AU0F dust sensor x 1
2  Capacitor 220uF x 1
2  Resistor 150 ohm x 1

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